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The focus of our work is on promoting a new opera house and on developing our idea "Open Opera". The latter is a project within The Opera Initiative. The objective is to find new ways to reach a wider audience for the Opera (Royal Swedish Opera and opera in general) in the future. Recently "Open Opera", and its first trial area in the municipality of Flen, took several steps forward. Three buses, filled with pupils from Flen, headed for Stockholm to attend the final rehearsal of Tchaikovski's "The Nutcracker" at the Royal Opera House. The young pupils were given this "opera adventure" as a reward for having taken an active part in "Världens Barn konsert" (a charity concert for children in need) in Flen. "Open Opera" will also start a system of grants in Flen.

Our long term ambition is for "Open Opera" to develop and include various municipalities.

Our Vision for Open Opera

We aim to widen the music audience in general. The label "Open Opera" was selected in order to promote music, including opera, to a larger public. The idea is to emphasize that everyone is welcome to the glittering and glamorous world of opera that often can seem far removed from many people.

There is a significant cost to the state of having many people "outside" the society. Thus it would be beneficial both for society and the world of culture if people involved in the latter could be given the additional role of promoting social cohesion.

The concept of using music to promote social cohesion has many tested methods and showed progress in trial areas such as Flen. Those trials could be developed and used in other municipalities. In order to promote the idea that music in all forms is a proven formula to build bridges, the municipality of Flen was initially selected as a place to develop methods and forms for creating interaction between people.

Support Open Opera

If you would like to make a direct (unfettered) contribution to "Open Opera", the account details are: Svenska Handelsbanken, clearing number 6001, account number 744 771 358.
IBAN: SE18 6000 0000 0007 4477 1358 (BIC: HANDSESS)


About The Initiative

We are committed to achieving our vision of creating a modern, national stage for song, music and dance.

Our vision

Supporters / sponsors

• Royal Swedish Opera
• Stockholm Chamber of Commerce
• Jacob Wallenberg Foundation
• The Kjell and Märta Beijer Foundation
• Elisabeth Douglas
• Tengbom Architects
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Open Opera

Open Opera is a project within the Opera Initiative. The objective is to find new ways to reach a wider audience for the Opera in the future.
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