A Modern Venue for the Performing Arts

Our desire for a modern venue for the performing arts has been supported by a government decision to, not only renovate, but also re-build the Royal Opera House in Stockholm. The intention is to incorporate a new, modern stage in the existing building at Gustav Adolf's Square. The government has proposed a budgeted amount of SEK 2 billion for the planned re-building.

The Opera Initiative welcomes the generous efforts that the government wants to do for the Opera and look very much forward to the proposal from Statens fastighetsverk (The National Property Board of Sweden)


Modern Opera Houses around the World

About The Initiative

We are committed to achieving our vision of creating a modern, national stage for song, music and dance.

Our vision

Supporters / sponsors

• Royal Swedish Opera
• Stockholm Chamber of Commerce
• Jacob Wallenberg Foundation
• The Kjell and Märta Beijer Foundation
• Elisabeth Douglas
• Tengbom Architects
• Anonymous sponsors

Open Opera

Open Opera is a project within the Opera Initiative. The objective is to find new ways to reach a wider audience for the Opera in the future.
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